March 24, 2009

{ Daily dose of inspiration }


I promptly recommand you to take a look at Ellen Kooi ‘s portfolio . This talented  photographer from Netherlands has a personal touch that really “talks” to me … Even if the landscapes and cityscapes taken in the Netherlands seem to dominate the image, her focus seems to be the relationship of the human (mostly woman or child) to that surrounding. Her photowork is laboriously produced [ in the manner of a film director], planning lighting and subject placement long before the shot takes place. However , she manages to preserve in each piece the surprise and spontaneity of a snapshot...







3 commentaires:

Purple Daisies said...

wow, those are breathtaking...I love the one with the little girl jumping in the field.

Rodney Slate said...

Very nice work... It really inspires me. Thanks for sharing your talent.

La Marquise des anges said...

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