May 25, 2009

{ monday crushes }


I have a big crush for Eli’s wonderful  blog : Flutterby Patch …especially when stumbling upon this . Just fly over there and you will understand why. very very cute.



A font crush :

        today, by stereotype


A tutorial crush : patchwork fabric lamp shade tutorial    chez moda bakeshop seen @ Whip up
a tutorial by rachel of p.s. i quilt.

and a big music crush for persephone’s bee… Singer and songwriter Angelina Moysov grown up in Russia. She moved to America in 1993 and soon met guitarist Tom Ayre. Bassist Mike Farrell and drummer Paul Bertolino round out the foursome.
Nice day , a song I really like, is included in their first, self-produced album, called City of Love.

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♡ have the best possible day ♡

7 commentaires:

Cris said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved looking at yours. The images are wonderful! I love that you are in France and it is written in English! Are you from the U.S?

andrea creates said...

aren't those the cutest little animals:)?

this, that and the other.... said...

lots of fun stuff on your post today, I really enjoyed the visit. The little animals are just too cute and the lampshade so chic!

La Marquise des anges said...

thank you Cris .. Nope I am French . I came a few times in the U.S. ... i love writing in french, it is easier for me and I love my mother tongue but it is also so restrictive !!!!

yes they are Andrea ... very very adorable ;)

I am glad you like this post Karen ... how are you ? I think of you today, as my garden is now completely flowery and blooming and I would have loved you to see it :)

à la parisienne said...

Your blog is so whimsical and inspiring! Thank for visiting my blog today!

down and out chic said...

that lampshade is impressive, i want to try it!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I love that font! That one might have to end up in my collection. Thanks for the find!

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