July 30, 2009

hidden secret part 2


Ready for RENNES LE CHATEAU Part 2 ?? the following photos come from the village itself … I hope your put on your best walking shoes gain as we will walk quite a lot …. hope you will enjoy this little escape … ready


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It was totally forbidden to use the camera flash in the little church , I was really shocked to see about a dozen of people transgressing this restriction in less than 5 minutes … some of them were trying to be as discrete as possible … but sincerely folks, how could you possibly think we won’t see the flash light in a small dark space … it is really sad as this is to preserve the decoration in this gorgeous structure from light saturation … don’t you want the generation to come to be able to contemplate this beauty ??
I got around the “problem” by using the video mode on my panasonic … the result is not perfect but it will give you a pretty fair idea of the ambiance …

And to finish , a little Madame la marquise portrait … taken by Monsieur le Marquis who loves playing the professional photog
put your arm here, turn your face a little, put your hair on this side, smile, do not smile “ … love really makes you patient , don’t you think ?the little vain attempt to conceal a smile on the following photo is myself trying (hard) not to burst out laughing … don’t judge me , my friends, you should have seen , how serious Jp was ..

photos © La Marquise des Anges

second PART fin

and now … ready for part 3 ….

or not ?

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bess said...

lovely photos, looks like you had a nice visit. good job on the portrait M. Marquise, tres professionel ;)

Sunshine said...

What a beautiful photo collection. Now I wish I was going there instead of Paris. JP sounds like he's my new best friend. Too cute how serious he is about taking your picture!

Federica said...

I really like these photos! Great places!
I have a question for you, how do you create those colorful and cute script?

andrea creates said...

Oui- ready for part three.
Your pictures are so nice -it makes me homesick for France :0

DesBisoux said...

the village looks so lovely and your pictures are awesome.Thanks!
merci pour le gentil comment sur mon blog! bisouxxx

down and out chic said...

i loved this tour and you're so pretty sabine, your husband did well!

pranksygang said...

I'm ready for the next secret dear!!
i loved all the photos! they are awesome.. thanks for sharing!

Lady_Sudz said...


Alicia said...

Small confessions...I am monsieur when it comes to photos. Hailey use to get mad but all these years later she loves how they come out so she " puts up with me being silly.."
Got to love kids.
I am in horror that all those annoying people broke the rules which are so in place for a reason.
Thank you for taking me along. Now lets go sit & have a drink.

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