July 25, 2009

rendez vous tomorrow


Need a little something to cheer up your day ??  watch this lovely video … I dare you to not smile ! I personally love it ….

I finally got my new ice cream maker … I can’t tell you how exciting I am, I felt so lost with this damn broken old machine … I can’t wait to make some fresh ice cream (even if I will have to wait a little as it is pretty hot here  , not  the perfect weather to make ice … especially when you only have a fan … ) . I have a long list of recipes I want to try out …  some of those really sound great.
I have some fresh plums left, waiting with a lot of patience ( plums are very patient, you didn’t know that ? ) … to be eaten or cooked … I am really considering to make a tarte aux prunes …  a pie, for our afternoon snack.

Yesterday we have been on all- day promenade in the countryside, punctuated with a picnic … and nope I won’t tell you where it was. I am keeping you in suspense on purpose, the only thing I will say is the place was just gorgeous … RENDEZ VOUS tomorrow for some pictures …. mmmm  I mean for LOTS OF pictures … if you feel like it.

4 commentaires:

pranksygang said...

was that a real wedding??!! it was cool! and i'm waiting for your surprise!

Deirdre of Kitchen Stories said...

Took place right where I live... : )

michaela said...

i couldn't believe it was a real wedding either when my boyfriend showed me yesterday. what church do they go to? ;)

My name is PJ. said...

You are so talented: crafts and cooking and fashion, etc! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's photos!

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