August 20, 2009

creativity & a little anecdote on a hot day

Weather situation : no good evolution. still over 105 °F. stillno A.C., at home.
The sun is so torturing I feel like a dry, wrinkled, ruffled sultana ... I want to be a fresh grape again (can I define a 34 something old girl like a "fresh grape" .... hum ....can I ??)

A few new creations ... tell me what you think ... I am currently working on my upcoming autumn collection ...I can't wait to share it with you ...
in spite of the very hot day we are having I have been making a few new dishtowels today ... I am quite satisfy with the result . But today’s post is about tees !!!

Scroll down, way down for the anecdote …

image image image image image image image image image image image image

1. I love Ruffles 2. rosée du matin tee 3. Gypsie tee 4. september top



Yesterday evening, while we were trying to fall asleep and couldn’t … JP confessed me something. Something very sweet. something very “JP”.
I can’t help myself and keep recalling it. I wish you understand French as it sounds a lot better in my mother language.
He confessed whenever he has a few seconds at work, he perused on my etsy shop and watches the photos … because it is just to hard for him to spend several hours without seeing me … Then he added something like “ I still can’t believe how “belle” you are” .. well, he has a bias … but still .. it made me blushed :)

12 commentaires:

pranksygang said...

you are belle dear!!! the pictures are stunning as usual.. and i love all your collections!

Federica said...

These are sooo pretty and you look gorgeous!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Aw, JP is so sweet! Despite the heat, I think you look gorgeous, just like a "fresh grape" :). Love the new tees!

down and out chic said...

oh my goodness jp is so sweet and he's obviously a smart man for realizing what he has.
your creations are lovely, i really like the shirt with the detailing around the neck. sooo pretty.
stay cool sabine!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Beautiful! I love the style of that first shirt with the ruffle at the suits your lovely work!

andrea creates said...

Aw, how sweet:)
Those tees are really jolis aussi!I especially like the blue one~

alexkeller said...

so sweet! he's a keeper :)
(oh, and the tees are belle, too)

My name is PJ. said...

It's more than sweet when he says things like that...too many people forget to utter them very often as the years go by.

You are lovely. Do you eat?

jen said...

awe, that is so sweet! You're a lucky girl.

Love the new tees, just beautiful!

Southern Girl said...

How sweet!

Those are gorgeous tees as well! You have been busy!

stacy di said...

what a sweet man you have...and I hope you get some relief from the heat! LOVE your new styles...beautiful.

naphtali said...

Your work is so pretty!!

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