August 15, 2009

etsy talent tuesday ….

First of all , I would like to draw your attention to Christina  {  down and out chic }  last giveaway …  the generous artist is the talented  Anna aka   The Noble Gnome … 


To get a  $21 gift certificate (+ free shipping) , go there and enter the giveaway … I would just have a hard time picking only one time, don’t you ???


I also have to proudly mention that  Christina is now part of the great etsian communauty … she has opened her shop recently … I am so excited !!!  her boutique is full of eye candies … check out by yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed !!!



Ever heard  about Ceramist & Etsy seller May Luk  ?  In her Etsy shop she sells the most wonderful ceramic items.


Take a look at Take Me Homeware too,  a collection of handmade and hand decorated items for the modern home. They are lovely, and  fashionable.



I love these photos  from photographer and Etsy seller Jane Heller. I love the nuances, the details, her sense of light and shadow …. You can purchase Jane’s beautiful photos from her Etsy shop. Check out her gorgeous website too .

 Kite flight - Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

Free as a Bird - 8X8 Fine Art Print

Happy Birthday Balloons - Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

10 commentaires:

jen said...

i love christina's blog! Thanks for sharing these other great artists too!

pranksygang said...

wow!! all the pictures are amazing!

Simply Mel said...

Oh yes, that Christina is a lovely soul! Her etsy shop is filled with pretty little things that I can't wait to enjoy!

And the photo of the balloons made me smile so big!

Big kisses to you on this Tuesday, Sabine!

Sunshine said...

I love Christina's blog. I miss you, dear friend!

My name is PJ. said...

Gosh, you find the lovliest things, Sabine! My favorite of today's post is May Luk's stuff - both varieties. What a talent!!

andrea creates said...

Beautiful photos too:)
Thanks for sharing~

Turquoise Diaries said...

I love etsy.. Thanks for introducing all these lovely artists. That are all very talented..

stacy di said...

I'm a big fan of Christina's blog too...and her jewelry is so sweet!

love your other finds too!!

down and out chic said...

what a nice surprise sabine! you are the sweetest, thank you.

The Cottage Cheese said...

I love Christina! I was lucky enough to be her first customer. Her packaging/presentation is so pretty, I did a blog post about it!

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