October 19, 2009

olives in the garden, olives in the kitchen ..

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Look out those pretty ladies , I can’t help myself glazing at them longingly …
aren’t they pretty  ?  You should see my olive tree and its gleaming natiral little ornaments … holding its branches with pride and vainglory … Assuming shamelessly its coquetry…

But honestly who could blame him ???


and now follow me into the kitchen ….

*Cheese and Olives Empanadillas  chez Café Nilson

*Coriander and green olive hummus recipe chez weekend carnivore. Creamy, addictive dip made with 'milk mayonnaise' (instead of egg-mayo.

* Cracked green olives chez froodies.com . Cracked green olives marinated in olive oil with lemon, garlic and coriander.

* tapenade chez  hungry mouse. There is nothing like homemade tapenade!

* green olive dip chez Ceramic canvas

6 commentaires:

Blueberry Park said...

Yum!! My mouth is watering big time! I'm also a tinsy bit envious as our olive tree in it's Northern European habitat is looking rather stark and naked :-(

DesBisoux said...

mmm! i love olives!
coriander and green olive hummus? that sounds very promissing!
happy monday!

The Cottage Cheese said...

I'm envious of your olive tree! I made the coriander and green olive hummus last week, and it was so yummy! It didn't taste very olive-y (even people who think they don't like olives would like it). I love olives, so next time I prepare it, I will add a few more green olives to the food processor at the end so that there are extra tasty bits of olive. Great recipe!

P.S. I saw you on Etsy's front page last night! And it wasn't even one of the six treasuries you were in last week, but a hand-picked page the Etsy admins. Yay! :)

Ange said...

Miam - nos oliviers n'aiment pas Toulouse... bon appétit ! Ange

{kara} said...

Oh Sabine... your lovely life and those lovely olives... and your name is Sabine and you live in France, and you are so talented... a little envious am I? yes!

Kristin said...

I MUST make the cracked olives. Those sound amazing!

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