November 21, 2009

blue white red …

lately inspiration :

bleu blanc rouge2 bleu blanc rougeFor those of you who know me , You already realized I like to  pair my creations in mini collection series … I recently felt an urge for making  blue white and red creations. those colors are associated to the holiday season to me. but it is a long story . Curious to see what I came up with ?? just scroll down (and down and down …)


{ rosie } an apron and { cerise } a tea towel  I designed a while ago :

face drole


{ burgundy } a  very very comfortable jersey blouse with a flower and leaf design and some Swarovski beads embroidered to add some texture and a sparkling note :

P127004722   23232323   P1270066  P1270070 P1270072 P1270077  P1270080 

{ turquoise } Another top, I was inspired by the holiday season .. don’t ask me why I choose those colors … I used vintage ribbon  and some organza red ribbon for the mini ruffle :

P1270280 2323 P1270092  P1270102 P1270103  P1270264 P1270273

{  bleue } A blue / white & red flower brooch to match my last creations .. it is handmade from A to Z .

P1270038 P12701732 P127018711


1. { rosie } apron  2.  { cerise } tea towel 3. { burgundy } blouse  
4.{ turquoise } top 5.{  bleue }  flower brooch .

6 commentaires:

andrea creates said...

Tres Jolies :)-I especially love the shirts!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I think its obvious in my shop I love the colors too. :)

fernandflora said...

My heavens! You are talented beyond belief! And I haven't mentioned this before but such a lovely model for your own work. Gorgeous!

Down and Out Chic said...

sooooo pretty! i love all of these!

Inty swetha said...

its stunning!! you are so innovative and damn creative.. i think i need to come to your place and stay a few days and learn all these things from you .. if u like to teach me... :)

and i promise that if i have enough i would buy everything in your shop!

9crafty11 said...

Love the color choices! And I can happily say I am the proud-as-punch owner of the Burgundy -white with red flower design shirt!

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