November 04, 2009


I am totally “charmée”  by  the  framed objects by design studio { the }. … yes swoon. totally swoon.  
  “These frames - with a vase, shelf, or hooks - decorate and emphasize the objects held within. Turn flowers, books, keys, jewelry, articles of clothing, and other ordinary objects into works of art.”.

I was looking for an original and pretty idea to adorn my main entrance  … I might have found my answer.



Found via Naomi’s wonderful blog :  Inspire*Inspire.

{ credits photos }

5 commentaires:

The Cottage Cheese said...

How clever! When one tires of a color scheme, it's easy to to choose something new. I love these!

ticklishfromadistance said...

Love the second set of images. So fun!

stacy di said...

oh my gosh!! I love these...especially the vase...

fernandflora said...

What a clever idea! And those photos - beautiful!

Down and Out Chic said...

how interesting, i've never seen anything like it. i agree with fernandflora, such a clever idea!

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