February 06, 2010

weekend wishlist


This weekend is very specific as tomorrow we are leaving to spend some really good time with a couple of friends. We have rent a mountain chalet !!! I have a lot to do today :

-finishing a few orders that need to be shipped
-doing a photo shoot session for the new items I am about to release
-listing at least a new item.
-and packing everything for our mountain journey.

for the 2 days to come ( we are having an extended weekend) …

-having a great time
-chatting with my husband while driving till our destination and listening Charlotte GAINSBOURG ‘s last album (IRM)
-listening to my husband laughing (one of my favorite thing in life)
-skiing (more probably sledging)
-playing a few  games
-fixing spanish food with my good friend rebecca…
-taking great pictures of the gorgeous landscapes over there
-rejuvenating myself ….


Visit Karuski's Blog to read more weekend wishes… what are yours ??

4 commentaires:

karuski said...

You really made me smile! "Listening to my husband laughing", that was a cute one. Anyways, I can already see you have accomplished quite a few from your list. Good luck with skiing and most of all: have fun and enjoy!


alexkeller said...

can't wait to hear about your trip :)

Simply Mel said...

Sweet Sabine,
You so deserve this getaway! I cannot wait to hear all about it and see photos!
Bon journee to you and your husband!

Sunshine said...

I hope you have a fantastic time. You both deserve this getaway.

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