March 09, 2010

The New European Street team Challenge THE SENSE OF TOUCH & TEXTURES.



For those of you who did not know it yet, dear readers, I am a proud member of the European Street Stream and it is such a wonderful and stimulating experience…

And I am so excited ….Thank you so very much DAWN of latouchables, for choosing my entry for last week's challenge, on her blog . The theme was autoportrait and so inspirational, as you can see with the numerous great entries she had.

Now the new theme is … SENSE OF TOUCH and TEXTURES. I hope it will inspire you too.I am personally very sensible to touch. When listing a new item I always make sure to include a macro photography, as if my visitors could actually feel the items …with their eyes .. There is so much to do and playing with textures is so much fun.

Now you can interpret & express it exactly as you want ,if you are not inspired just share with us one of your creation, giving us the best perception possible of its texture .

Needless to say the pictures will be very important. Now the ball is in your court. I sincerely hope I can count on you, my sweet fellow EST members. I can’t wait to see what you will come up with.To participate, Just convo me or email me ( lmdamail{at} and submit your entry that has to be an item listed or created during the current week. Merci.


Aniehaus Cjoy

1. Our first entry is from Dreamscorner a lovely shop from ITALY, and a new member. Welcome NUCCIA .Tthis is a pretty Cream color italian macrame necklace with lace, beads, pearl and Swarovski Crystal . A bride would just be gorgeous with it !!


2. the second entry is from oh-so-famous ;) DAWN of latouchables. A lovely Butter and Honey Bracelet-Cuff. don’t feel like you want to caress your cheek with it ?? and merci so much dawn.


3. The third entry is STEPHANIA of Gufobardo ‘ stunning tribute to O'Keeffe necklace : My bones vibrate in the sun, with pretty seashells and voile . Such a piece of art.


4. Fourth entrant is CARITA of Jealousydesign, with a dazzling turquoise flower necklace, a dazzling and textured Turquoise and sterling silver piece . I could wear it every single day …


5 . There we go with the fifth entrant , welcome in the challenge Sandra (of zsazsazsu1963). Isn’t this Beaded treasures bracelet so very cute. It is made with the 'beaded treasures' technique, Handwoven with c-lon thread and a mix of beads in glass en ceramics. Truly a little “trésor” !


6. A splendid entry from Moonika of Kuutydruk who submitted her Spring bubbles , a lovely CD organizer album . The cover features circles, which is a symbol of unity and perfection in Estonian traditional folklore. I really like the colors and the design.


7. the next entry has been submitted by the lovely girls over at nauliknits . Amelies hat in Payne s grey, it is a new design, made of cashmere yarn and it will be just perfect for spring. have you seen this adorable wavy pattern ??


8. The next entry is from Michele of steinschmuckdesign Special Agate elastic Ribbon Bracelet. she uses black and white Agate Gemstones, see how textured they are ! You can actually pair it with some many things and styles !


9. A great ninth submission made by Andreanna of Glamasaurus : a dainty and delightful Mommy and Me Pink Birds Perched on a Wreath. It features a is polymer clay wreath , that has been textured and painted to look like wood. The lovely birds are made from yarn and felt. and the bouquet of flowers accent is just too delicate .


10. we have a new participant , please welcome Dimitra of Amoronia, and her Touch and Textures Necklace made with fancy vintage buttons and copper chain and clasp. those buttons are really gorgeous and the colors match so well together ! you can have a closer look on the textured button here.


11. I just received Eva of BHBKidstyle ‘s submission and I love it . her Easter Egg Hunt kid tee shirt is just perfect for easter season and the colors make me happy. It has been hand-painted with three Easter eggs hiding in the grass. The eggs have a nice traditional Hungarian Easter motif on them , and the icing on the cake …. the decorations shimmer in the light !!! Simply adorable.


12. a lovely submission by Feyza of madamehoux with a set of 4 LILY Tea time fabric coasters . These lovely (one side dark brown and one side pink) creations have unique hidden stitches and they are made of 100% cotton. They arrived is tied with pink ribbon. and who be perfect on everyone’s coffee table !


13. what would have been this challenge if Tessa would have not participated. .. I remember you the name of the shop she is running ….ColoursandTextures :) she came with this delightful Pure Silk Scarf in lavender and blue colors. as she said : 3the silk is so soft and light, you can see the sheen from the sunlight falling on the smooth surface3. It has been inspired by rows of lavender on a sunny day , and it is exactly what in makes me think of. Such a piece of art.


14. The next entry is from Milka of Mquin . She submits her Love Me Knot gorgeous dress. It is more a sculpture than a dress, don’t you think ? She added three dimensional knotted detail on the neckline and the shape is so glamour … it is available in grey and black. and I have a pair of shoes in my closet that would be just perfect for the gray version.


15. Welcome in this week challenge , Inger from Ingermaaike , with her Felted shrug … so love the name …bubbly bobbles. She used green merino with an overlay of purple silk fiber . then she made “nubbly blobs” using the shibori technique. I was not familiar with this technique but this is so interesting : Inger trapped some buttons of different sizes and forms , which give this very textured look. So gorgeous. I want one.15

16.Rach of Balanced submits this pretty Beadwoven Lattice Ribbon Bracelet in Lemon Yellow and Grey. love those 2 colors paired together and how the texture of the ribbon stand out of the yellow bead-background.This bracelet is siply tied, meaning it can fit virtually any wrist size .

16 17. our 17th entry is from RITA for her ALATSUPPLIES shop . How cute are those Felted Hearts made of pure New Wool. Love how puffy they are … RITA does not know yet how she will use them … If you have some ideas or suggestions … I myself think they would be great as pincushions or just to display in the little vintage doily plate I have on my bed table …

<Digimax S800 / Kenox S800

18. next entry is from Susanne of enchantedhue with her Genuine Natural Citrine and Rutilated Quartz Necklace . Suzanne loves to play with her jewelry and you really can tell. I strongly recommend you to read her description as it is just perfect. and I would honestly never find a better way to describe this necklace as she does !! she is an artist and a writing talent too.


19.Esther & Estella , the brilliant souls behind staroftheeast illustrate the perfect expression of The Sense of Touch and Textures with this so gorgeous Textile Cuff adorned Smocked and Leather details. I am a fan of smocking accent !! It is made with a vintage plaid fabric, smocked by hand. Along with a soft matching leather and 3 lovely vintage shell buttons and elastic loops . have you seen this pretty crocheted edge ...


20. Welcome Evelyn of Sumikoshop and her Charlotte Brooch . This one-of-a-kind piece features a a Grey satin ribbon, hand curled by Evelyn , a Latte flower attached to an antique bronze filigree, along with an adorable carousel horse charm and a Swarovski clear crystal charm. I am designing a new top (for myself) that would match perfectly with this beauty. If I was a brooch I would loved to be named Charlotte :)


21. Marta of Utilart Beige and brown macrame necklace . A unique handmade necklace, featuring antique Yemeni amber, beige and brown synthetic waxed cord and Venice glass beads. The Alpacca silver findings are also handmade. you see how the cord is beautifully weaved. I have a special and emotional liking for Amber. My grand parents offered me amber jewelry pieces for each important milestones in my life. I just can’t tell you how much i love these presents.


22. Now what do you think of traveling to the Canary Islands with Maria of Leelabijou and her adorable Texture Earrings .These beauties are made with great quality silver plated findings. Do you see the dainty details ?? and you may not know it itbut, for Maria, Custom orders are : one of the most exciting aspects of handmade jewelry. Great to know don’t you think?


23. I am so excited to show you Natalie of Dinafragola lovely entry : her Garden Gnome in Moss Necklace. This little guy is named Aldebert and he also has a lovely ring-companion name Philibert. I love the marriage of moss, brass toned metal frame and the vibrant colors!!! I am quite sure snow White is a little bit jealous …


24. New participant is Renate of Kreativlink with her Leather Book, Journal, Diary. Talking of textures, have you seen this ? she used different textures & colors leathers and sew them in a “somewhat crazy way” . The gorgeous coconut-shell button accent had so much interest and I like how it contrasts on the leather background. When opening you will admire a smooth acrylic-stained paper , beautifully hand torn and hand bound. I think it would be perfect to write down my favorite quotes, but I know my hand would shake of intimidation while writing down on in this precious creation.


25. Welcome a new member in the team : Lucie of lucietales . She submitted her delicate toupies earrings.These whirligig-like creations are made of rich textured copper. The top part is granulated, like a pince cone, and the below one is smoother yet irregular just like the moon. they are lovely and one-of-a-kind and I would love to see how they swirl and dance on one’s ears …


26. Thanks Priscilla of bijouxdellostregatto for participating . She submitted her Cell phone pouch . This lovely crocheted cell phone case can be wear just like a necklace. With this handy-and – so - pretty pouch you will always hear your phone ringing, and grab it in time …It is made of 100% cotton, with a Mother of pearl button and a bright pink rhinestone pendant. The true incarnation of pragmatism and beauty.


27. Next entry is from Naomi of OmniaCrafts with her Sinister Hand .you can see more pictures of this piece of art here.This slightly spooky one-of-a-kind wire sculpture is made from one single continuous strand of 20 gauge black iron wire. It has been designed on Naomi’s on own left hand. She thought this piece fits well with the theme, as it is her ultimate work of touch and texture, and well it definitely is !! wouldn’t it be just marvelous in a cabinet of curiosities, or to accompany singular works of art.I’d love to have my own hand designed like this, don’t you ?


28. our 28th entry is from Petronella of Kraplap with her stunning Necklace of touch and texture . It is made of all vintage buttons of different materials : wood, bone and coconut. it has then been strung on a brown cord. It's adjustable thanks to the two ends of cord slide through one lovely wooden button. I have a natural outfit that would be gorgeous with it.


29. The next challenger is Eve of creationsbyeve with a lovely Silk flower brooch declined in teal , emerald, green and ecru shades . It is made of silky muslin ans silk satin , adorned with a beautiful mother of pearl button. It features a silver colored brooch pin with a safe fastening. It is just the perfect embellishment for your favorite cardigan, your spring clutch or a pretty straw hat …


30. Judit of madebyCsJ submitted this Turquoise necklace . It features a lovely grey fabric, enhanced by turquoise and dark grey beads and embellished with a self-painted lace design , polymer clay bead and an adorable leather bow. The lovely pendant hangs on 2 leather strings. Oh my …it makes we want to dive in the Mediterranean sea …


31 . our next entry is from Joanne of gr8jewellery with her Touch and textures choker. She blogged about it here. It features two feathers hanging on gunmetal chains. These are connected to a handmade bead, beadwoven out of the tiniest 15/0 Miyuki beads. She also used Miyuki cube beads, silver plated oval spacer beads and wooden beads for a complete play of different materials… and textures … as Joanne said “ The result is a choker that is a pleasure to see, to touch and especially to wear. “ definitely.31

32. the next entry is from Rasa of happyment with this white brooch . It features lace, wood and white paint. It has been inspired by the whiteness and patterns of melting snow. The wooden circle is painted white with acrylics and adorned with a piece of white vintage lace. Rasa then covered it with matte varnish for durability. This gorgeous brooch is the third piece from The Adventurous Life series about everyday adventures - events, thoughts and emotions.


33. Please welcome Judit of vadjutka in the challenge. she submitted her new creation named Indian Dream, a dainty necklace with feathers, Tibetan and volcanic beads on a lovely brass chain . It is so elegant and whimsical !! It is asymmetrical and features handmade beads with silver from Tibet (beads bought by Judit in person , while visiting China 2005), cream colored volcanic beads and soft and fluffy feathers. They hang on a brass chain. “mention spéciale” for this most gorgeous feather picture that should be listed and sell as a photography !!


34. our 34th and ultimate participant is … Kirstin of  Evihan with this gorgeous sandblasted zebra stripes ring . The precious lamp worked glass ha been sandblasted...and the silver ring setting is completely mold has been used...Sucn a one-of-a-kind piece !!


35. we have a last minute 35th entrant. Merci Virag of Davir for submitting  this wonderful Natural deluxe dog collar.  It has a lovely olive color and is adjustable . It features  pebbles collected from the Danube river, attached on the base with hand crocheted settings . Icing on the cake, it has an antique metal buckle. I know a certain border collie named HIRO (and presently sleeping on my feet) who would love to have the same …


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What great theme Sabine, as good as the previous one from Dawn! I'm sure will participate again this time! And Congrats for won the challenge:)

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I don't know if you think this too but they look good enough to eat! Just luscious! what a happy find!

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A wonderful theme, and one I will love working on...have to get started! Oh--and congratulations!

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Ah a superb theme and congrats on winning!

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Congratulation and thanks for the inspiring new theme!

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Interesting :)
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oooh, love love love this theme! tansk!

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Congratulations on winning!
The new theme is very inspiring, can't wait to see what everybody comes up with!

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Congrats!!! :))) It's a great theme and hope I can come up with something this time :)

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Wonderful theme! I'm in! :)

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wonderful theme, congrats Sabine!

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Lovely theme!

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great theme... and great challenge.

Inspiring but not so easy to express... It would be great to participate...

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sorry... I logged in with my personal account... Pepeola it's me, Pauline Paulette

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A wonderful theme. Thank you for having accepted my proposal.

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Gorgeous items!! finally something different on Etsy :)

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Sabine, congrats again on winning last Week. Your Photo was so absolutely cute!!!
fantastic Theme and already some gorgeous Entries!
I really hope I find the Time to participate and
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Lovely! Will enter if I can!

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Dear Sabine , congrats for won the challenge really super lovely theme !

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Such beautiful entries! All of them.
I love this weeks theme!

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What a good theme and a lovely collection of entries.

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You're very good at writing in the blog!
You're a writer?

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Wonderful entries and great texts!

Thank you so much, dear Sabine!

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Gosh! So many gorgeous entries!

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Wow - so many great entries. I have *NO* idea how you are going to choose.

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Thank you very much for hosting this challenge in your beautiful blog!!

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wow!fantastic creations all!!!!

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A great theme that has inspired wonderful creations!
It looks like a very difficult choice...

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Absolutely wonderful and oh-so-inspiring entries...

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Dear Sabine! Congrats for winning last week :) Wowww, really great theme and so many entries for this week! All of them are very lovely!

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