March 17, 2010

Unveiling … Jo Pond


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Jo Pond , a designer based in  Hemington, UK, makes so pretty jewelry piece. It is like poetry jewelry, using recycled materials, natural “ingredients”  and a genuine artistic talent. Love her { silk cotton collection } & her { narrative jewelry collection } .

4 commentaires:

vadjutka said...

Amazing artist - thanks for sharing. I love the narrative jewelry collection as well. I love jewlery that has a story, or it has something more in it, than just beautiful.

This one is my fave:

zsazsazsu said...

This is beautiful with a very romantic touch

Lucie said...

WOW! I love what she creates! So poetic and yet very simple!
J'adore tout simplement, merci Sabine de me faire découvrir ce magnifique travail. J'aime cette alliance de simplicité et de raffinement. C'est épuré. Je pourrais aligner les adjectifs tellement c'est beau.

mia said...

wow beautiful!!

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