May 01, 2010


Anna Utkina

Today, in France … we celebrate   la fête du travail, our labour day … This is one my my favorite spring day for many reasons, mainly because we offer  des brins de  muguet  (Lily of the valley) to each other . It’s a way to wish luck, prosperity and happyness to your loved ones.
Traditionally, lily of the valley is sold in the streets on May 1, I myself have a great stock in my backyard.

With all the little may bells I received so far I will  be able to make a big bouquet by the end of the day .

I wish you all a very lovely 1er mai and I  wish I could all give you, face-to-face, a lily of the valley to bring you joy and happyness.

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

premier mai bien arrosé vivement début aout que notre seb rentre!!j'ai vu de jolies choses sur etsy et j'ai meme une petite idée à te soumettre...gros bisous vie said...

Bonne fête du travail ma chère ! Gros Bizzz.

alexkeller said...

and i'd give one to you!

Maggie said...

Happy Labour Day my dear! :)

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