June 13, 2010

by the river ….

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part II …

For the second part of our promenade I am taking you to the romantic edges of a wild river, to discover wonderful handmade stone sculptures made by a local  artist who wanted to create a quiet and inspiring place for everyone. He sure totally succeeded…

P1410425 P1410266 P1410287 P1410289

P1410342 P1410309 P1410316 P1410332 P1410336

 P1410386 P1410387 P1410388 P1410390 P1410391

P1410431 P1410426 P1410427 P1410429 P1410430

and some pictures on our way back to the village ..

P1410464 P1410484 P1410490 P1410492 P1410499 P1410502 P1410510 P1410511

We then have a fresh drink on a  sweetly crowded café terrace, while enjoying the  sunshine and admiring the sculptural braided branches sky

3 commentaires:

The Beaded Pillow said...

Thank you for taking me on such a beautiful walk this morning!

schugirl said...

Beautiful,both yesterday's post and today's, Sabine. I loved it!

Carys said...

These photos are so beautiful, you've captured the light so well!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

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