September 01, 2010

Just a preview


I have been working on a new line for the upcoming fall season. For instance a new version of my favorite Festival top. But they are a lot more to come. I have also had lots of fun embellishing, upcycling, reconstructing vintage staples , found during my “vintage hunting errands” …

Stay tuned for more handmade creations , upcycled and rearranged goodies and sweet little vintage-vintage treasures …P1440528

P1440550 P1440565 P1440511P1440636 P1440843

modele la marquise ROSE 22copie

1. festival top 2. vintage secretary bow top 3. vintage MILLE FEUILLE upcycled blouse 4.PETIT bow handprinted vintage hand towel

4 commentaires:

Sunshine said...

Oh Gd! I love the shirt and towel with the painted bow on it! Why must you torture me when I have no money?! Great pieces, Sabine!

P.S. My word verification was painte. How very appropriate.

3 Including Me... said...

I just love love it all... especially the grey dress.. oh and the white blouse... !! So pretty!

zsazsazsu said...

That looks great, my favorite is
the white blouse !

Down and Out Chic said...

your new items are gorgeous. must go catch up with your etsy shop now!

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