September 21, 2010

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Cuisine (kwĭ-zēn') preparing food (from French cuisine, "cooking; culinary art; kitchen"; ultimately from Latin coquere, "to cook")



It finally took me a little longer than expected to finish up this post and share this recipe with you … Still suffering a lot from my shoulder injury and the shoulder brace makes everything pretty complicate and uncomfortable.
Besides our very very good friend are facing some terrible things regarding their already-so-loved 6 month foetus, they need your presence and support ..

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I am sure you already have tons of brownie recipes, don’t you ?? I personally can’t resist testing a new one from time to time. This particular is actually an old time favorite of us and my friends keep asking for a batch of them. it is rated first on my brownie scale (in the fudgy category), the second being a recipe called Manhattan brownies,I wrote down from a cooking magazine when I was around 14 years old.Sometimes I am in a cakey brownie mood , and sometimes in a fudgy brownie one …


These brownies are not only chocolaty and delicious, they are SUPER easy to make. They take about ten minutes to prepare, and only twenty to bake.
The recipe comes from the Moosewood Cookbook, but I found the recipe online years ago . I made some researches to find the original site, I found it on, but I must confess I failed … This recipe is so present all around the web … (the more famous probably being HEIDI’s version)


Moosewood Fudge Brownie Recipe

250g butter, softened, not melted
155g dark chocolate, melted and cooled
1 cup light brown sugar
5 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup flour

my secret ingredient : 2 tablespoon of vergeoise (it gaves a sweet and delicate nutty caramel flavor)

Preheat oven to 180C.
Cream the butter, light brown sugar and eggs. Add vanilla extract. Beat in the melted, cooled chocolate and plain flour. I modified the recipe by adding 1 cup of roasted cashew nuts.
Spread into a buttered 23 x 33cm baking pan. Bake 20-30 minutes.
One batch makes about 24 brownies.
I used dark (70 % cocoa) cooking chocolate , do whatever you wish.


The brownies are nice and moist and taste so good. And of course you can add some nuts of your choice, drizzle some melted white chocolate over the top to add another dimension to the flavour.


5 commentaires:

fleurfatale said...

yummie, thanks for the receipe, have to try it out!!

GUGAW said...

sorry to hear about your friends....those brownies look absolutely stunning, hopefully a batch of those might bring a tiny smile....

alexkeller said...

hope you feel better soon!!!

Karen Brock said...

Thank you for the recipe! My 11 yr old is looking for a new recipe as he's tired of making chocolate muffins. I think this will be just right.....and I'll be looking forward to tasting his efforts.
best wishes for your friends and hope you are healthy again soon!

Down and Out Chic said...

oh what i wouldn't do to get my hands on some brownies right this very second! these look delicious.

i hope you're ok and that your shoulder heals quickly sabine.

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