February 26, 2011



Receiving lovely feedback comments is really a wonderful reward, that always make my heart beat faster . It touches me beyond reasonable. Probably because I put a lot of myself in every creation and knowing my buyers can actually feel it , is very important to me . It is the highpoint of a sometimes-long collaboration process and it feels really great to receive this heartwarming conclusion ...

Merci so much CHRISTINE for the heartening and marvelous comments you left ... they mean a lot and they remind me how much I love what I am doing ...


guillemets2 Oh my. This is the most gorgeous top! I opened the package in front of my daughter and she STOLE it from me!! I loved the way you packaged it...so devine. I will shop with you again and again. My love! guillemets

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guillemets2This is simply the most beautiful top I have ever had. I opened it in front of a few friends and we all gasped when I held it up. The wonderful antique bracelets wrapped in the antique book paper was a lovely touch. I cannot wait to order from you again. You are devine!! guillemets

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The Beaded Pillow said...

Hi Sabine,

You deserve all the lovely feedback you receive; your creations are amazing!


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Just popped to your etsy shop, all your merchandise is beautiful.
You do definatly deserve lovely feedback.
Luv Sophie xxx

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

so so true my Sweet Sabine ~ you offer, create and share the most extraordinary pieces.

I miss you. Sending lots of love and smiles your way.

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