February 25, 2009

{ dog whisperer }

Hiro that look

Hiro, my 1 year-old border colley w/ his give me a hug look

Just love reading this Article from the New Yorker (it was wayyyyy back in 2006) : What the Dog Saw, featuring Cesar Millan , the famous professional dog trainer. I read it encore & encore . Wether you like “cesar’s way” or not, you sure have stuff to learn from him … if you are a dog owner of course :)

Morceau choisi :

"She has no rules in the outside world, no boundaries," Cesar said, finally. "You practice exercise and affection. But you're not practicing exercise, discipline, and affection. When we love someone, we fulfill everything about them. That's loving. And you're not loving your dog." He stood up. He looked around.

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