March 03, 2009

{ it was about time }

Just playing around with Poladroid, a free application attempting to recreate the polaroid “experience” . Not only the final imagery result , but all the process

  1. you download the freeware
  2. you drop and drag your pics
  3. you wait … wait agin  … or you shake the picture ! you get a random and realistic Polaroid-like colors variation...
  4. look / save / print your one-of-a-kind instant image.

Here is my little experiment with some shots I’ve taken a few days ago … for my (futur) etsy shop.

P1100434-pola P1100451-pola

P1100496-pola P1100499-pola

Thanks Catherine of my turtle neck for reminding me the existence of this freeware.  I’d been reading about it in one form or another on various blogs and sites , but –for some weird reasons-  I hadn’t actually downloaded it and tried it out myself… till today and now that I have - I’m addicted !

link : poladroid

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this, that and the other.... said...

Polaroids are fun to play with. Have you thought about or have you seen polaroid transfers? Cool stuff, very artistic!

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