April 03, 2009

{ busy day }

yeux busy day

Crazy day … crazy day …the phone start ringing at 7.00 this morning …This phone call was not a good sign. It launched what turned out to be an intense and hectic day … following my (old) wise woman intuition [don’t you ever dare to contradict me . I am a woman , right ? I am wise, right ? ] . At 7.01 am I knew. don’t get me wrong I don’t mind being busy and I am very used to improvisation and last minute “surprises” …but today was supposed to be my day …my crafty day …
Well I did what I always do in such circumstances : I breathe in … many times and start planning the day, leaving some “open space” for non expected events … with one solely goal in mind, sparing some times to do what I first planned to do . The phone is still ringing (just answered my 14 th one), I responded to 3 unrehearsed visits with politeness, get the car to the car mechanic, repaired a water leak … and fix dozen of other details and …guess what … I have been able to work a little on my upcoming featuring items. I will probably make a quarter of what I wanted … But … I am pretty proud of myself…
When I can spend some time creating, I always feel like it was a good day. You should see my now, with a big smile of my face… I even got time to write this post … and make some pictures. photographing is the most distressful and calming activity I know.

sneak preview



Hopefully I’ll be able to list the new items in my shop by the weekend …

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Rodney said...

Don't you think it should be required to take at least one photo a day? It is so good for the soul.

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