April 04, 2009

{ monthly goal meetup }

I was so excited to come across this post from brilliant Jena of Modish and Modish BIZtips. She put a call of action out to participate in a online monthly goal meetup (every 1st Friday of the month). Basically, you post your goals on your blog, then share the link over at Modish BIZtips and report back a month later. I usually do that for myself, on a weekly basis and a monthly basis. But how motivating to share it with others …Love this initiative.

I’m DEFINITELY in! So here goes, my list of goals for April :

  1. work on my facebook page , looks too deserted

  2. add my etsy mini to facebook

  3. Retake product shots for some products

  4. design, finalize and print business cards

  5. Add a minimum of 3 to 4 new items/ a week to the shop

  6. Organize and file the documents / tips I gather in a binder

  7. redesign my Twitter background according to my avatar, etsy banner and blog banner .

rendez vous at the end of the month …

2 commentaires:

Adele said...

Hey there,

Thanks for your comment on my blog regarding my Twitter background. Much appreciated.

Good luck with your goals this month! :)

CrowNology said...

Good Luck with your goals.
I love your handmade journal (Garden Bird)in your Etsy shop. I write and write and sketch...so journals are one of my favourite things.

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