April 15, 2009

{ customized tee shirts }

nope nope, I did not re-painted my hallway doors ( this will be my saturday’s work –to –do) . just working on a …

new project

I made a few prototype for a close to my heart project… Almost 2 years ago, I had the most wonderful enterrement de vie de jeune fille (bachelorette party) you can dream of .. A mellow one, not a wild one. They respected my wishes and organized a party which ‘looks’’ like me . But that’s another story.
For the occasion, the girls bought customized tank tops … theirs were apple green, and mine was so pink you almost needed sunglasses to look directly at it :) They wanted to make sure I won’t go unnoticed…challenge met.

Then we ‘ve started a new tradition ( you’ll soon discover it, we have plenty of little traditions ) and wear them from time to time in special occasions or just to remember the great time we had for the B. party and the wedding Day. I know that sounds crazy but it makes us happy. Last year they even surprised us for our anniversary, not our wedding anniversary … for our bachelor and bachelorette party anniversary … I mean they invented our B & B parties anniversary .I can’t tell you how touched my husband and I were … We have wonderful friends and we love them.

For our one year wedding anniversary, they were still parading with those shirts … and as that was our noces de coton , they were all cover up with cotton (in france the one year anniversary is cotton not paper)… they used make up removal cottons … 2 of the girls were pregnant (more than 6 month-pregnant), do you have realize the quantity of cotton they needed ? That’s was fun and crazy … really crazy because they did that last summer : in AUGUST !!! when we arrived their cheeks were really red :) That could be a new trend to replace saunas …

As the old ones are now a little “used”, I decided to make new tee shirts for the girls … Something less … “loud” but still full of signification for us … I came up with this design …

P1110797 P1110789

and to finish a little list of “Wednesday finds”:

- spring branches engraved glasses
- fantastic idea : a message in a bottle
- and my favorite one : bending branch tank. I think you’ll like it lindsey.

6 commentaires:

this, that and the other.... said...

sounds like you have a great group of friends and the new t-shirts are really cool.

Deb said...

Cute idea! I love these - you definitely should sell them.

Black Daffodil Films said...

*gasp* you are correct! i love those little tank tops....hum, wonder if they can make them in adult sizes too?

Aren't close girlfriends the BEST...it sounds like you really have some treasured ones for sure!

Willi said...

So much fun! I love the tanks, they are so sweet. Just like you and your friends. :)

stacy di said...

what a fun group of friends! Those shirts are great...hope to be seeing them on Etsy soon????

La Marquise des anges said...

thank you so much Karen, Deb , Lindsey,willi ans Stacy !!!
I do have great friends I thank God for every single day :):)

thninking of a new tees etsy contribution :)

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