April 14, 2009


photo series
As promised , here come some pictures from yesterday ... not what I expected at all as the weather was so terrible we had to jump on plan B : indoor picnic !!! The place we all met is in the mountains, not the upper slopes, but still the mountains. The spring was not as advanced as in the valley ... but the spectacle was awesome , even with a dark sky :)

We have had a nice day ... with a big buffet to please everyone. We all bring 1 to 3 dishes (I was in charge of the salads and made a dessert for those who can't eat omelet - like me ). The king of the meal was the "agneau de pâques", the paschal lamb ...served in lamb shops or in agneau de 7 heures, which braises up to 7 hours (this recipe was originally invented to make tough mutton edible, we now use lamb)... a delight.
Traditionally, when the repas is over we all gather around an outdoor roaring fire and cook giant omelet (in giant skillets), when cooked, we had some powdered sugar and that's it. We traditionally make a couple of flambé omelets for the grown ups .
I really like that tradition and people here from toddlers to old ones, would never missed it. i thnik it is ranked on the 2d place fater christmas on the family - gathering list. We had friends and family from everywhere yesterday. Some made the trip from Amsterdam and even spain.


During the afternoon, we had a rain - break, not a vey long one but a little one. just enough to breath some fresh air ... with my camera at my fingertips. I am the kind of person who is blooming when in good company, chatting and sharing ... But who fades quiclky when in a closed space ,with dozen of people and lots of noisev. At a certain point , I have to escape to have a few minutes - quietness with my little self.
Isn't that place just perfect for that ?

P1120845 P1120864
P1120875 P1120878
P1120892 P1120896 P1120897


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Black Daffodil Films said...

beautiful pictures...

Isn't time alone so refreshing sometimes...I crave that time as well.

OH and the second to the last picture of the path...my husband and I stayed at Chateau de Fere, close to Reims, for our honeymoon and rode bicycles on a path JUST like that. I have a photo I'll have to send you. It brought back wonderful memories...thanks for posting that!

this, that and the other.... said...

sounds like you all had a great time even with not so nice weather. The traditional food sounds interesting though I have never tried lamb before.
Thanks for sharing the pics! I especially like the stand of trees (4jpg).
So how far south of France are you? Beautiful country.

Rodney said...

Love the photos....thank you for sharing them with us. Really like the last one of your dog.

That Girl Designs said...

absolutely beautiful!

stacy di said...

Thanks for sharing! I love your photos. What beautiful countryside!! And the stone houses, and tile roofs. *Sigh*

bess said...

Sabine, these pictures are so beautiful, actually - all of your pictures are lovely. I like how you often combine playful typography with the images, très jolie :)

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