April 10, 2009

{ easter egg succédané + tastepotting funny easter recipes}

succédané = ersatz, subsitute.

I made some felted easter eggy-friends for my nephews, my niece, my godsons,my goddaughter and my friend’s kiddos… they will sure harvest enough chocolate in their basket … Besides this way I won’t be blamed in case of indigestion … :)
I’ve made a few of them last year and they were quite a big hit . I remember feeling so sorry I did not made enough of them. This year I am ready. My niece asked me a few weeks ago if I will “laydes oeufs en peluche this year too. She still have hers from last easter, but “coco” (the felted egg name) “needs a buddy to play around with” …nothing else to say.
My fingers are all covered with needle “stings”, I can positively affirmI developed a felt-egg albumin-allergy & I am half-blind … but that’s it : mission accomplished. I made enough felted eggs to make a big omelet …

Know what my own easter harvest will be about ? : a big basket of smiles, clumsy hugs and drooling kisses… sincerely what on earth should I ask for more ?

paques d

I've put together a little collection of funny easter recipes found via [tastespotting]... thought you might enjoy it :

Peeps have got nothing on these homemade marshmallow bunnies chez { bitter sweet }

Colorful Easter eggs (text in Serbian) chez { blogoye.org }

A cheesecake for Easter. Flavored with white chocolate and oranges, decorated with an eggshell filled with chocolate chez { gluten free day }

image image
Easter Bunny Brownie Pops & brownie bird pops chez {cake on the brain }

A batch of chocolate coffee cupcakes to welcome Easter chez { sugar & everything nice }

And my very favorite heart

Spring chick cupcake in carrot chez { not without salt } heart

2 commentaires:

MQuin said...

those felted easter eggs are really a treat for the little ones, they are really so cute!!

Rodney said...

The cheese cake is my favorite. I can almost taste it.

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