April 12, 2009

{ joyeuses Pâques }

Yesterday we ‘ve had a little aunt/ niece creative workshop …as we have as often as possible …I opted for a little initiation into the wonderful word of photoshop, multiple layers, filters, overlay or screen blend modes etc … I am always afraid she won’t enjoy my “atelier” …That was definitely not one of the easiest thing I ‘ve been sharing with Célia but you know ??? what she really surprised me … Only 9 years old and she was a lot more receptive than the dozens of grown-ups I have been explaining photoshop to …

Below are our little “oeuvres d’art”. Basically it says that last year we were shamelessly showing our pretty toes around … and this year… well …we will stack layers of clothes up and looks like we were croos-country skiing….



I wish you all a very happy easter. Hope you’ll have a great time with your loved ones. Joyeuses Pâques à tout le monde.

2 commentaires:

Deb said...

Happy Easter, Joyeuses Paques! I love these - thanks for sharing.

Ivory Pearl Interiors said...

Happy Easter everybody.

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