April 21, 2009

{ fancy up your gateway }


I really like this easy –to – do way to indicate your address. Isn’t it a original & fresh idea ?

This is really a springlike green & pleasant activity; You just need a  (more than happy to start a  secondlife) wood tray, 2 colors of moss, some watering from time to time ( ideally mist your vegetal design  with a water spray) and you are done !!!
Image  : Cottage Living.

Last year I made one with my niece .  we had so much fun … This year it will be even quicker to put together as we moved a few months ago … We changed our address number from a 13 to a 5 .

Have to go to finish making some  tortillas ... Monsieur le marquis and I, are having  chimichangas tonight...

2 commentaires:

Courtney said...

i LOVE this. so much!

this, that and the other.... said...

great idea! I do enjoy Cottage Living.

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