April 22, 2009

{ environmentally friendly font }

La typo écolo !I really like the great idea the folks of  SPRANQ [ a Dutch marketing and communications agency] came up with : a new environmentally friendly, free to use font called “Ecofont.” The idea behind Ecofont is to use small circular holes in the letters, cutting ink usage by 20%. Using the new font can reduce operating costs and the company hopes it will also help spread environmental awareness.
SPRANQ provides Ecofont free for home users and for businesses, and there is also a sans serif Verdana version that would be suitable for internal company printing.


They are sure more path to be explored and practice : double sided printing, using recycled paper, vegetal inks ….


4 commentaires:

myturtleneck said...

love this!!!

That Girl Designs said...

what a great idea!

this, that and the other.... said...

love the eco-friendly printing idea! Will surely check them out, thanks for sharing.

kalé primitifs said...

Thank you for posting this Sabine!!! ; )
(...still working on my photoshop skills~ it's a slow process, let me tell ya...)

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