May 18, 2009

{ font addiction }


Ever heard about WhatTheFont ? A friend of mine told me about it today !!!  I did’nt really believe him until I tried it … I must confess I haunt font- related  sites on a very regular basis … font-addiction is not a dangerous disease ….is it ?
here is how it works : basically you submit a sample (a Url or a file) with the  typeface you are so in love with , you can’t barely sleep (wait for this to happen to you and you will understand), and it will browse in the data base  to provide you closest matches … I must be honest it is not always accurate… but it is worth the try !  and for the font over-enthousiasts there is the dedicated forum too ….

My friend David has it as an  iPhone app !

WTF tips


And when you are at it … let’s try this typography quiz ….

6 commentaires:

g. said...

What fun! I am on my way over now! Thanks for the tip...and no, I don't think it is a disease, at least not one that requires medication!

Black Daffodil Films said... I took the quiz and performed miserably...40%.

Thanks for passing that site along. My husband is in the process of started a brewery and was playing around with labeling. This is perfect, as we found some lettering that we couldn't quite replicate.'re an angel...I'm convinced :-)

andrea creates said...

Very interesting- thanks for the links:)

Pixel Wild Child said...

Thanks for sharing, I am a big fan of fonts too! I knew about this site but I've never tried it... may prove helpful at some point! :O)

La Marquise des anges said...

oh thanks g. what a relief :) :)

a brewery ... well you are catching my interest :)

merci andrea & kristie !!! merci les filles :)

stacy di said...

it is a VERY dangerous disease :) and one that we share. I love what the font! The forum is great too. Very helpful.

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