June 05, 2009

{ life is hard }


Ever wish you were a cat ? …. sometimes I do (except for the food). Let my introduce Monsieur BOUBA to you … What a hard life he has , especially today as I was running to get everything done while He was napping.

He does have a very packed daily schedule . here is a typical Bouba day :

- Wakes up, but never before 8.30 am.
- Meows to (beg) ask for food. eats food . Important point : trying to put his mess all over . goes outside to have a morning wee-wee while listening the birds.
- tries to actually catch a bird. gives up 2 minutes later as this little warming up already burns too much energy.
-re-eats some food .
- time for a nap now . could lasts from 30 minutes to … 5 hours.
- food time. looks for Doowie his cat buddie. plays a little, not too long. it’s darn too hot outside.
- nap. food. nap. nap. nap.
- food. time to go for some dog harassment … trying to demonstrate who is the boss…
- food again + freshing up.
- promenade time to prevent overweight (that’s the official version, the unofficial version is : some neighbors may have left some food around , who knows ?)
- back home to be cuddled. not too long. he is a cat but a virile one … too many snugglings are for wimpies. Does his very best to catch the attention as much as possible.
- plays with the dog’s ball , with the most taunting & provocating face… just loves getting this clumsy youth crazy.
-food.freshing up time.
- gets ready for the night, takes all the place on the coach and moans if someone gets too close … finally need some contact : choosing among his room-mates (+us).
- fall asleep and snores as louder as possible.

hard day, isn’t it ?

Mother’s day is on sunday in France, needless to say I had much to do ..
Underneath is a picture of a writing slate version made for a wedding … I made 12 of them . the bride will use them for the signage and for the buffet …i am really happy with the patina…


Just a last thing : have seen today’s poppy talk blog spot ?? I just fell in love with Karla Wozniak's gorgeous paintings …

24 commentaires:

*The Beautiful Life* said...

He looks SO much like my cat, Bugsy!! :)

Cute post!


Simply Mel said...

Cats and dogs have the life! I always say if I am lucky enough to have another life on this earth, I hope I return as my pug, for she lives the ultimate daily existence.

Love your latest writing board - patina is one of my favorite looks! I'm sure the bride will be overjoyed!
Happy Weekend to you!

Sunshine said...

Goodness! My cats are on a very similar schedule (except no outside time since we live in an apartment, and I don't want them to disappear). The slate looks beautiful. You did a great job with the patina!

down and out chic said...

what a sweet kittie! good luck getting everything done this weekend. the writing slate looks great.

Black Daffodil Films said...

hahahaha...I love it. Adorable little post.

The slate looks amazing!

Kristin said...

That painting is AMAZING. My cats napped all day while it rained. Yep, wouldn't mind trading places for a bit.

Coco Bean said...

Ha ha ha!! Every single day I wake up, look over at Coco who is snuggled up and has nothing to do but sleep... and all I wish for in that moment is to be a cat. Every single day. She thinks she has it bad because she can't go outside. Psht!!!

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

thank you Ruth :) :)

MEL > I still have not decided if I will live my new life as a cat or a dog .... :)
thanks for the patina ... I now can more easily reach the type of patina I want as I "patine" MANY things in my new home :)

KATRINA > merci merci ... and YES I found the definition for Okie Mrs OKlahoma.;) ;)

thank you Christina. have a great weekend too :)

Merci Lindsey. good luck for the wedding.

Kristin > aren't all her paintings absolutely gorgeous. I really love the colors.

Christie > if they only knew !!! have a great weekend.

Pixel Wild Child said...

Yes... I want to be Monsieur Bouba in my next life, definitely! :O)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Oh, yes, my dog has a hard life, too. The funny thing is, he is a very concerned little creature...so concerned that he gives himself ulcers on occasion. He worries for all of us...he worries about things that the rest of us are too blasé to worry about. I don't know where he got such a heavy conscience.

Lovely little slate for the bride, btw!

My name is PJ. said...

1. I laughed out loud at Monsieur Bouba's day! I have four dogs and 3 cats...I can relate!
2. You were already on my blog roll, but I became a 'follower' today. This has truly become a favorite blog for me! Thanks!
3. I went to Poppytalk. I'd never been formally introduced before. WONDERFUL!! Thanks!
4. You are really artistically talented. Yes, I have been in your etsy shop. I'm eyeing some of the red and white cherry towels, with the thought that they would make nice cafe curtains in my sister's kitchen. She has a fabulous home built in 1940 and decorated as such.
5. More photos on my blog of the addition next week - probably a couple of different posts. So much is happening.
6. Have a great weekend. (Are you laughing? I am.) :)

GUGAW said...

all very true! i love how my cat comes in after a stroll and humpfs down on the ground like he's just had the hardest day in the office. but, he performs his spider catching duties (most of the time) so i'll let him off!

~ ennui ~ said...

love Monsieur BOUBA and his hard life :)

Callie Grayson said...

i love that painting to. reminds me of my childhood... we would drive across country in the summer and this is would be one of the many views I'd see out the window of the car.

thanks for coming by my blog:)
enjoying your blog. I will be back.

Ian said...

Hahhaha Bouba seems wonderful, overflowing avec personalite :D
Are those boards chalk? They look great, nicely done madame! And that is a lovely watercolor, Chrisite and I are both University graduates in painting, but really never seem to paint, we really should get some small things going on, but you could say that much like Bouba, we intend on doing things, but we just end up cooking and tking pictures instead :P Oh, and taking naps is good

Federica said...

Ha ah ah ah! Such a funny and sweet post. Actually, I always thought to reborn as a cat. I have two little cats, two girls, Camilla and Coco. They have a very hard life like your Bouba...sleep, food, sleep, food, snuggle, sleep.... ha ha ha ha!

anythinggoeshere said...

Wow, that kitty sure is working hard!!!! Hope you are giving him extra treats to keep up his strength. xo Jpan

boubou said...

Bonjour !
first time i come across your blog, so im gonan visit it now :)
well if you wanna be inspired by my collage or just dream, come and visit my blog :)
a bientot!
Boubouteatime xx

Alicia said...

Your Bouba has a far busier schedule than my Gunther Finch Hatton as he is confined to lounge only indoors. Grieve. He is relegated to comfortable chairs, sofa, beds & all those other dreadful nooks cats have to suffer through.
He will chat in many forms of his meow but never an actual meow... that is simply so ordinary to him.
I believe his greatest energy is when in the kitchen demanding what you have but always after a sniff he raises his nose & walks away from everything except salmon.
Ah the life he leads...
Thank you so much for viditng & gratitude for your sweet words about mine.

Beach Vintage said...

Happy Mothers Day. Great photo of the cat - love it.

Sam said...

Your cat's diary is spot on! Very similar to my Dad's cat's diary funnily enough...

Lucky bride who has your delightful writing boards...and I must go and visit Poppy's blog - that work looks very interesting! Have a lovely weekend!

jen said...

I often think it would be nice to have the life of a cat. Sitting around being beautiful, napping and being all snuggly warm. ahhh.

cute post!

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

haha! you made me LOL! I have a black cat and a yellow lab dog. I know what type of life they both have! love to watch them play!
thanks for your lovely comments. your blog is wonderful!

alissa said...

hahaha i love the breakdown of a cats day.
heres mine:
wakeup. cry. eat. sleep.

she makes it a goal to never be awake more than 10 minutes.

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