September 02, 2009

Susannah Conway …

Ever heard about england-based photographer Susannah Conway ?? I stumbled upon her work { here, here and here } quite a few times, and each time it’s like I fall (or re-fall in love) with her images, her sense of colors ..they are so peaceful and beautiful .


Susannah has created Unravelling e-courses. She offers e-courses to help to share her photographic skills… Isn’t that great ? you can find out more about those courses here.

imageimage image

I sincerely recommend you to read this lovely blog post on Vicki’s simple hue blog. Susannah is sharing 5 great photography tips.

imageimage image
credits photos © Susannah Conway, 2009


+ Website:
+ blog : Ink on my fingers
+ E-courses: Unravelling e-courses
+ Shop : Unravelling
+ Flickr account : Unravelling

5 commentaires:

DesBisoux said... the cupcakes pic!
and Simple hue is a lovely blog indeed.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Her photography is just beautiful. Thanks for the tip, I'm off to check out her courses now!

P.S. More than ever, I want a tiny beach cottage. And every day I crave a pretty cupcake. Thank goodness I don't have a good bakery anywhere close to my house...

down and out chic said...

great, now i want cupcakes! her photography is quite beautiful.

Simply Mel said...

Stunning photography!

Thank you for the introduction to Simply Hue.


Pixel Wild Child said...

Very interesting post full of interesting tips, I am going to try them! Thanks for sharing ;O)

(By the way, since you have a passion for photography... when are we gonna see some of your own in your shop? ;O))

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