October 16, 2009


Melissa&Gaia_wearingSABINE {superb photographs by Sean Patrick McArdle}

This week was a good week for me. I should say  a great week.I achieve a lot of my plans, I made many great contacts, I  was in 6 different etsy treasuries the very same day … and the last but not the least , I have had the great honor to be featured on sweet  Melissa ‘s blog.  There is something very emotional in seeing Melissa and her little crum Gaia wearing the clothes I was holding in my hands a while back … Aren’t they gorgeous ??

The custom orders really are the thing I prefer, getting to know people, collaborating with them, working hand in hand … It is so rewarding.

Merci Melissa for this great blog post about my work. Merci sean for giving me the permission to use your photos. Merci Gaia for being such a lovely model .

Jump there to read the full story and to fill yourself with the beauty of her blog.


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This weekend we, Jp and I, are leaving our lovely home  for an escape a little longer than usual … we need some time to recover from the last months. and we need to spend some time together. just us.

We will be (temporary) heading for pastures new ... in order to recharge our batteries and to open up new creative possibilities for me … I will miss you a lot but I will keep an eye on you … and I prepared (hopefully) interesting posts  for you to read while I am away. don’t hesitate to leave a message, i would be more than happy to read it once back home.

any idea about our destination  ??

5 commentaires:

Kotori said...

Congratulations on a week well deserved... hope you are enjoying your time off!

Gabbi said...

Your custom orders are lovely and your weekend sounds highly mysterious :) Looking forward to finding out the destination!

koralee said...

Your work really is amazing. Have a amazing time off!

bridgett said...

Love the ruffles. Great job and have a fun time!

alexkeller said...

oh, i saw these on her blog - so lovely! bon voyage!

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