October 27, 2009

seasonal mood

I sometimes have some trouble to get into the autumn mood (for many reasons), Nicole's beautiful Massachusets photographs really made me change my mind . I now see   this season in a complete different way …

                                 credits photos :: nicolephoto.com


For more eye candies and a lovely blog, jump there ….

4 commentaires:

The Cottage Cheese said...

Her photographs perfectly capture that autumn feeling. She already has me longing for the weekend so that I can get out and enjoy the fall colors (first stop - the farmer's market, and perhaps a day trip up to our favorite apple orchard for cider and baked goods!)

Bunny, said...

Autumn is my favorite time of the year...I was born very close to Vermont and grew up picking apples in the orchard with my grandparents and hiking in the gloriously colored mountains with my friends and family, the memories are beautiful and bittersweet!!
This image you posted truly reflects the beauty and peace of this glorious season...I'm glad you like it more now Sweet Sabine

Bunny, The Paris House said...

oops I think I entered the comment wrong??? not sure

GUGAW said...

oh i love autumn...and that photo is beautiful!

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