November 02, 2010

Creative stitches

When the air started  to turn cooler (well I should probably mention it is freezing right now) , I automatically begin thinking of ways to cozy up my home… I already turn to throw blankets everywhere … then I  stumbled on these ::

Designed and created by Claire-Anne O'Brien.  See more here.

knit pillows

Adorable  cable knit pillows. Imagine how cozy  and pretty, they would make your couch or bed ..

3 commentaires:

andrea creates said...

those stools are really different! great cozy pillows too~
have a great week sabine :)

stacy di said...

gorgeous!!...and cozy!!

hope all is well with you :)

fabriquefantastique said...

so alluring...the weather is getting very chilly here in Canada.

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