March 31, 2009

{ WIP }


 WIP 2

Yesterday’s light was kind of soft , just perfect for the “photo shoot” I was planning to do … But I had to do the long ironing process first and the weather was so lovely in the afternoon, I was really considering “moving” all my stuffs  to iron outdoor !!! My neighbor would have surely appreciate the spectacle ;)
A few things to “polish”  & I will be able to add these cuties in the shop .

de pres

modele 144  portrzit

noisette paillettes A 2

bannercreate bleu

3 commentaires:

kraplap said...

love your bird prints !

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous. And I love your little header image - so nice!

La Marquise des anges said...

thank you so much kraplap and the craftbegins :)

the little “introduction image” is a photo I took a while ago while knitting  my own version of clapotis. love it. I mean the photo. and clapotis too :) I enhanced it with photoshop and that ‘s it.  thanks for stopping by.

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