April 23, 2009

{ life is generous }

The day is more than lovely outside … the early and not – so –shy sun made me wake up with a good intuition. Some days are just bad since you put your very first foot on the floor, some days are shining from the first minute you open your eyes …
merci vert
My daily morning routine is quite simple …I prepare myself a gourmet breakfast while the computer is starting … while the coffee is being made and the bread or brioche is in the toaster, I spent a little time checking my most urgent emails and my favorite blogs or sites. The list is not very long …just a few , as a little self - treat to start the day nicely. this morning this little routine brought me smiles and emotion. As I am featured on 2 of my favorite blogger fellows and now friends.

digitreats_shout_alpha4_bit9 Thank you so much Stacy … I was (and I am still) very moved to read your kind words and to see my items so well displayed. If you don’t already know her wonderful blog nonpareil , be sure to go have a look … She is amazing and one of my inspiration source. Besides when I need a shot of bonne humeur , I just read her on twitter (for instance), she is so much fun, she always cheers me up .

digitreats_shout_alpha4_bit8 I also have had the great pleasure to discover a photo of saperlipopette, my gardening apron, beautifully worn by Karen … needless to mention the sweet words of Rodney . Their photography blog autumn song photography caught my eyes at the first sight … then the personality and the kindness of this great family won me … check by yourself, you won’t be disappointed.I promise.

when I launched la Marquise des Anges, I did not know I would met so many wonderful people… that’s really the positive reverse of the medal of this adventure ….


Today’s topic was supposed to be about one of the Etsy features (they are dozen of applications) I really like is the possibility to make “treasuries”, a selection other etsy sellers products… here is my last treasury, a collection of grey and pink items …There are so many talented people over there …

my treasury

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how sweet! Thanks for the comments and I do love the grey and pink!

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