April 25, 2009

{ etsy day feeback and tons of pictures }

  As “promised” in the previous post … here are a few pictures of  yesterday Etsy Day 2009.  I had lots of fun … Basically the  purpose of all this (at least to me) was to catch people attention about alternative way of consumption …  and catching people’s attention is not  “spamming” them . All I intended to do was to “gently” make people want to ask me questions  …
Signs, flowers and funny initiatives really made people curious and they were very eager to know more : mission accomplished …

I 've seen a few posts and forum thread wondering about the positive (selling speaking) consequences of etsy day ... to me  etsy day was a way to promote the whole concept of artisan work ... to spread the world about our supporting community ...  I had a lot of fun and it gives me the occasion to be in contact with wonderful people. I have so much more contacts ... this was a pretty nice HUMAN EXPERIENCE !!!!!!!!!

P1140006 copie P1130899 P1130903  P1130982 P1130932 P1130943   
I do have very patient and adorable companions … always ready to follow me in my crazyness …P1130962P1130954  

P1130978gg P1130975gg
Those last 2  are my very favorite ones :) 



5 commentaires:

Michelle said...

How wonderful! It looks like you had a great time! Love the Etsy dog!

La Marquise des anges said...

thanks Michelle :) I'll tell him, he is kind of very sensitive to compliments ... especially from pretty girls:)

Black Daffodil Films said...

Looks like fun! After seeing a few different pictures, I've determined that your little dog has SO much personality.

Love the first photo, by the way!

Willi said...

Your dog has the most adorable ears! I think my dog would like him! He looks like fun :)

koralee said...

sooooo cute...i love your blog...thank you for visiting mine..your animals are adorable and i love your idea of etsy day...i also love everything about where you live..i will be checking back often!!!

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