April 30, 2009

{ #etsythursday }

etsy thursday la marquise des angesAs I said previously Etsy day was a great human experience for me …Thanks again susan aka Schugirl. You’re great. I believe in collective stimulation and fraternity …. and why, why should we stop there ? That how #etsythursday was born … Basically the principle is based on the followfriday (on twitter) trend. Just a different weekday...Make sure to add the hashtag #etsythursday and spread some etsy love : tweet the name of etsy twitter users you strongly recommand...
This initiative needs you … you can find more details in this forum thread.

you can find me here and here …. and follow me there :)

Here are a 2 images I put together to help spreading the world. They are clickable and available in large size …

etsy thursday la marquise des anges

etsy thursday la marquise des anges

credits : laura skathi freebie for the tree and the sun images.

In the same time, following ANDA (etsy admin) advices here is a little reminder of what we can twitter-speaking do :

digitreats_shout_alpha4_bit9use hashtag #etsywcp for weekend craft projects on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
digitreats_shout_alpha4_bit9use hashtag #etsymail for a collection of twitpics and other snapshots of sending OR opening Etsy packages .

See you on twitter :)

3 commentaires:

Coco Bean said...

I love all your artwork! Thanks for the cupcake vote. I was showing Ian (my boyfriend and photographer for the blog) your blog today because I knew that he would love the photography. He was stunned and wanted you to know how beautiful your images are. Have a great weekend and happy etsy thursday!

La Marquise des anges said...

thank you some much Christie and Ian ...this is very very sweet of you ... I really LOVE your blog too :) :)

Anonymous said...

these are great little designs. I'd love to put something like that up on my wall~

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