April 13, 2009

{ window shopping }

Today is what we call “le lundi de Pâques”, litteraly easter Monday … this day  is a holiday in France , and we have a big family + friends gathering . Each year we have a big picnic and eat all kind of food , play different games etc … at the end of the meal we share a huge sweet omelet  dessert (which is not the part I prefer  , you’ll know more about it later )   It is a tradition in the area I live in … more details tomorrow with [ hopefully ] some photos – bonus.

Meanwhile here are some clothings I‘ve seen in many french magazines, as the spring “collection” are now released … Just wanted to share these finds with you …

comptoir des c

naf naf


le comptoir des cotonniers { site}



Daniel HECHTER { site }

5 commentaires:

g. said...

Loving the yellow dress!!!

stacy di said...

hope you are having a happy Easter Monday! I'd love to see photos!

Meanwhile, I love the clothes...and I'm off to check out their websites!

Rodney said...

The clothes are beautiful. I am sure they would look great on Lindsey or Karen. I like the yellow dress too.Have a happy Easter Monday can't wait to see your photos!!

Willi said...

That yellow dress is so pretty! Perfect for summer. Happy Easter Monday. I wish we had that in the States, instead it's just back to work!

Black Daffodil Films said...

Agh...I love that last top...I would probably be perfect for a growing belly. Thanks for posting those...its always interesting to see different fashion trends-- though I guess most trends start with you guys and take a while to cross the Atlantic :-)

Please recount your entire Easter meal....I'm pregnant and I love hearing about food...HA! Seriously...I'd like to hear more about the sweet omlet...you have peaked my curiosity .

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