May 14, 2009

{ digital poem and a few links }


Today’s weather seems like having a memory disorder … could someone , please, tell him we actually are in May and not in November !!! I am taking a quick pause from crafting, listeningto  sonya heller, and  having a cappuccino

I recently realized I never post any of my processed “clichés”… I am an amateur but very enthousiast photographer … besides  I also  like playing around with photoshop and creating little poems for the eyes

 P1150700 copie 2

Here come a few links I wanted to share with you :

sbennett_eatyourpeas_button2To nourish our inner gossip –girl & fashonista addiction : The 62nd edition of the FESTIVAL de CANNES have started  yesterday … first photo call here.

sbennett_eatyourpeas_button1 To feed on our inspiration : A commercial creative agency named { nothing  }  entirely built out of cardboard, seen at kelly  +    olive.

sbennett_eatyourpeas_button3 To have a jocker subject to shine in society : Stieg Larsson’s successful novels in the Millenium-series is now being filmed !  

sbennett_eatyourpeas_button2To fuel our culture : the andipa gallery is actually featuring  20 original works of the UK’s urban artist Banksy, and Alexander Calder is featured au centre Pompidou (paris) .


Have a great day my friends !

4 commentaires:

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Great Blog! Love your creations. Thanks for stopping by!

Coco Bean said...

I LOVE that photo! It's so beautiful! I am mad at the weather today also. I guess it's acting up all over the world. Have a good day also!

R said...

Please show more of your photography....I love it.

down and out chic said...

i didn't know you had an etsy store! i'm off to check it out:)

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