May 13, 2009

{ new photoshooting & a promise }


new prod and a I am currently working on some new items …wait a minute … I am actually always working on new products  for my etsy shop :) … This new embellished tee is named turquoise . I had lots of fun creating it.

As always I needed to take some pictures …I made plenty, as usual …In order to have a large range to choose in. One day I will write about auto-photo shooting … I am following a very special routine. you would be there , you would think I am sort of crazy …  I did have fun but nothing  compare to the hilarious session I had with my husband JP….
The first snapshots are …let’s see … regular … scroll down a little to see a few  less serious ones. I wanted them to look “crazier” … well, next time.

1  ajor 3 3   6
7   P1150404 


I said Jp I will post those snapshots …see chéri  …. I always keep my promises. P1150411


you better say YES !!!!!    :)

you can found my turquoise here.

12 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes very impressive! : ) I love the color -- very Summery and exciting!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Yes, yes!!! I want to hear about auto-photo-shooting! I was doing as well for my self-portraits and it was crazy but very good fun :O) Share your tricks! And I have to say... the new tee is great!

stacy di said...

ha ha ha! I'm afraid that if I don't say it's impressive, that you'll beat me up with those muscles!

LOVE the new tee! Great colors. Great pictures.

andrea creates said...

yes yes,very nice pictures...Please tell us about auto shooting:)

Black Daffodil Films said...

Very impressive...I think you may be the next Mrs. Universe :-)

Love the colors in the new shirt...keep them coming! Perhaps when my belly starts to get bigger, I can dress it in a new shirt!

g. said...

YES! VERY! Good job. So exciting and adorable.

this, that and the other.... said...

wooohooo, saw your muscles popping! Cool shirt and fun post, keep them coming!

By the way, is persil the same as parsley?

Coco Bean said...

These are beautiful Sabine! You are so blessed to be born with a creative spirit, and a models physique to show off all your hard work!

noblegnome said...

Nice muscles girl! And I love the shirt too...oh I so love that shirt. I have already planned a treasury around it:-)

That Girl Designs said...

you are too cute!

Rodney said...

What a stud muffin you are. I love the tee shirts too. They are my favorite color.

La Marquise des anges said...

Merci jeannette :)

Kristie : Ok I will share my (crazy) tricks ... I am glad you like the new-born tee.

Oh oui Stacy ...better watch out, those muscles are very powerful ;) ;)

thank you so much andrea

oh Lindsey ;) Mrs universe.. how cool I would add it in my business cards ... la marquise des anges, mrs universe artisan !!! want me to go hunting for a pregancy tee?

merci beaucoup G.

Karen : thank you ... I am happy to hear you like this type of post I have so much fun writing them ...and yes persil is the french name for parsley ... sorry about that you know after spending a long time on internet (and english spoken site) I sometimes speak to jp in english ... it sometimes take me a long time to realize it;)

cocobean : my sweet friend your are so sweet ... you make me blush ...

anna banana ;) ;)thanks for the treasury ... your are so wonderful !!!

ann marie : merci !!!

rodney : thank you ...i like being a stud muffin ...and cool, I now know what your favorite colors are :) :)

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